Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions

Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions

A variety of Mortgage options

available on the secondary market

A Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) providing Mortgage services to fellow Credit Unions, headed by a 30+ year veteran in the financial services industry.

Trusted Solutions, Credit Union Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the mortgage product offerings for all Credit Unions, be it owners or affiliates, by way of the diverse mortgage products offered and by keeping each Credit Union's mortgage origination and servicing income in the communities they serve.

Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions (NMS) is a Credit Union owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) providing Mortgage services to fellow Credit Unions. NMS provides the expertise needed to work with Fannie Mae and government sponsored loan programs. NMS, together with Mortgage Candence (processing system), offer the convenience required to be an option in the Mortgage business, resulting in a seamless mortgage offering to your members.

What's in the Name?

This mortgage CUSO is named Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions because the main objective is to keep more of your members’ dollars in the communities and neighborhoods your credit union serves. NMS’ servicing partnership option enables the cash flow from servicing to flow back to the credit unions from which they were originated.

Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions has established relationships with federal agencies and can help your credit union offer mortgage products that include 30-year loans with as little as no money down. On all purchases, Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions allows the seller to contribute closing costs and escrow deposits for the buyer.

Neighborhood Mortgage Solution’s mortgage product offerings include Fixed and Rural Development.

Other features include:

  • In many cases, all mortgage functions, including servicing, will be kept in the credit union, meaning members can make their payments at the credit union or online.
  • Web applications.
  • Realtor use of website Mortgage Qualification Calculators.
  • Lower up-front closing costs in keeping with the member-friendly approach of credit unions.

The key factor to remember is that your member will be dealing with your credit union and the Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions personnel from the application process through the loan payoff.


Thank you and your staff for taking such great care of us! I’ve been in this business a long time (I’m showing my age!!!) and you guys are by far the best!!!!

Sherri O’Neil
Mortgage Loan Originator

Hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to let you know how user-friendly and resourceful the NMS Guide has been for me, while I’m temporarily filling in while the new gal gets going.

Great tool!

Yvonne Trujillo

I had my first refinance closing today and should have an application later today. Starting a little slow for me but I am thoroughly impressed with your service. I haven’t seen anything like this for years.

Thank you Greg & your team.

George W Cannon III, Mortgage Loan Specialist
First General Credit Union

I just wanted to let you know that Kristy Rahn is AWESOME and a true asset to NMS. She is always so helpful and informative. She never makes me feel like I am bugging her and is very patient with me when I am trying to wrap my head around something. Just thought you should know!!

Rhonda Olson

Thanks for all you are doing for us. Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions has been a Godsend.

Merry Christmas.

Tim Baldwin, President
San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union

User Conference 2014

Thanks a bunch! Again, a great conference with tons of useful information. Feels like we’ve recharged our batteries.

This was the best conference by far. A lot of great information on how to improve our files all delivered with a team spirit. I really enjoyed talking and getting to know the other partners. I came away feeling more a part of the team. Thank you for your hospitality!


Thank you so much for the accolades, a big thank you goes out to you and your team as well. NMS has so many layers of QC review prior to closing that has helped us out tremendously. Thanks again, NMS really helps us to shine for our members as well as the auditors.

Barbara Zendzion
CorePlus Federal Credit Union

We have all been very happy with our partnership. We have tried numerous different mortgage companies, many of which lots of Credit Unions use, but have never had the service we expect.

Dave Van Strien
Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union

Our partnership with NMS has been very rewarding; in just 16 months we have assisted our members secure $10M in FNMA loans. The peace of mind knowing our members are receiving great service is priceless.

Laurie Aultman
San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union

What Growing Companies Do Differently

I am blessed to meet a lot of great people in my travels and this past Monday was proof of this once again. With it being an in-service day to observe Columbus Day, many organizations over the years have brought me into crank up the staff and reward them with an engaging day of learning and fun.

I was honored to get in front of a growing team of mortgage pros who work exclusively with credit unions in 10-states. Doing my homework on them and hearing from their CEO about their rapid growth and expansion was not only exciting, but inspiring. As we kicked off the morning session I can tell you that it was immediately apparent to me why this group of 23 sharp and happy folks were exceeding expectations and growing their business at such a rapid rate.

As Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.” I’d like to share with a quick checklist of things I noted as to why I believe this company is crushing it and growing rapidly when many of their competitors are struggling:

• Open communication was not only encouraged but is ingrained in the culture
• The leadership and CEO valued everyone’s ideas and opinions
• Everyone on the staff was allowed to make decisions without being treated like kids
• The mantra of life-long learning is a non-negotiable and expected by everyone
• Goal-setting is part of each employees performance review – this is rare and amazing
• Customer service is a major priority and not accidental
• Each team member was allowed input on creating the core values of the organization by which they would be governed and led by
• A fun, open and supportive work environment is followed and encouraged

Take a look at the list and ask if your organization does one, two or most of the things listed above. I bet you’ll be shocked at how much room is there for improvement to help you grow not just your profits, but one of the most often overlooked things: your people!

“Thanks again to the fine folks at Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions!”


Dear Greg, I want to thank you for the October 9, 2013 email with instructions on how to access the Users Guide the NMS site. It provides step by step instructions on everything from setting up the program to inputting applications, and what to do once the loan has closed.

I will refer back to this resource often as it is comprehensive and even includes “screen shots” of both the NMS system and CUAnswers. A great tool for all areas that are involved in NMS loans, not just the loan officers.

Well done, you just made my job easier which allows me to better serve my members.

Patrice McDowell

Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions completes the ALS Challenge!


Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions, LLC, holds residential mortgage licensing through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) in the following states:

     1.  Alabama
     2.  California
     3.  Colorado
     4.  Connecticut
     5.  Florida
     6.  Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee
     7.  Indiana
     8.  Michigan
     9.  New Mexico
     10.  North Carolina
     11.  Ohio
     12.  South Dakota
     13.  West Virginia
     14.  Washington

Founding Members

Vickie Schmitzer, CEO Frankenmuth Credit Union (989) 497-1633
Gerald Hutto, President & CEO Team One Credit Union (989) 754.6575
Donald J. Mills, President & CEO Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union (989) 354-1523

Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions Team

For more information or to set up a consultation, please contact us.

Greg Wischmeyer CEO (989) 497-1651 ext. 589
Glenda Russo Processor (989) 497-1651 ext. 627
Jamie York Office Manager (989) 497-1651 ext. 596
Kristy Rahn Underwriting Manager (989) 497-1651 ext. 655
Brian James Corporate Sales/Member Development Officer(989)
Melody Capsel Audit/Compliance Officer and Servicing Manager (989) 497-1651 ext. 651
Leigh Lawe Processing/Closing Team Leader (989) 497-1651 ext. 625
Kelly Potter Servicing Team Leader (989) 497-1651 ext. 622
Leeann Powell Controller (989) 497-1651 ext. 567
Jennifer Cooper Servicing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 654
Carolyn Land Secondary Market Coordinator (989) 497-1651 ext. 688
Debbie VanWormer Underwriter (989) 497-1651 ext. 686
Lisa Nedo Underwriter (989) 497-1651 ext. 621
Cathy Nihranz Servicing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 641
Jean Denton Audit and Compliance Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 623
Valerie Fuller Loss Mitigation/Collection Specialist (989) 497-1651 ext. 689
Terri Ahrens Underwriting Assistant (989) 497-1651 ext. 624
Troy Trudo Servicing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 626
Donna Kelly Processor (989) 497-1651 ext. 632
Shawn Finerty Underwriter (989) 497-1651 ext. 691
Karen Miller Processor (989) 497-1651 ext. 687
Kathy Lange Servicing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 587
Michelle Hoesman Servicing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 685
Heidi Osterman Processor (989) 497-1651
Tiffanie Scharff Loss Mitigation Specialist (989) 497-1651 ext. 676
Tina Mireles Processor (989) 497-1651 ext. 670
Amanda Hecht Servicing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 702
Tracy Hebner Closing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 672
Anne Bailey System Specialist (989) 497-1651
Amanda Deuring Servicing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 685
Terri Taylor Servicing Agent (989) 497-1651 ext. 674

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